Though WVHH receives revenue from its home loans to Partner Families, additional funds are needed to continue construction of new Habitat homes.  Donations are essential to continuing the efforts to build simple, decent, affordable homes for those in need in the Wimberley Valley.

Wimberley Valley Habitat for Humanity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and receives no funding from Habitat for Humanity International.  However, WVHH supports the international home building efforts of Habitat for Humanity International by tithing 10% of all donations, unless the donation is restricted to be used only by Wimberley Valley Habitat.  All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.



Land Donations

WVHH needs land for future builds.   If you have a suitable lot to donate or for sale, please contact us below.


Donations:  Check or PayPal or Credit Card

Please send donations by check to:

Wimberley Valley Habitat for Humanity

P.O. Box 1205,  Wimberley TX78676

Or Click on  Donate  Button Below !



How can your church or organization help?

  • Prayer — your church or organization can lead organized prayer for Habitat.
  • Volunteers — Habitat always needs help building houses; consider the “Donate-a-Day” program for signing up a group to work on behalf of your church or organization.
  • Financially — your church or organization can sponsor or co-sponsor a new home.
  • Your church or organization can provide meals for Saturday work crews.
  • Your church or organization can dedicate a special offering or fundraising effort to Habitat.

Click the contact form below for questions on donating to WVHH.

Please note that Wimberley Valley Habitat for Humanity does not accept previously used building materials or equipment, or small quantity leftover new building materials, at this time.  However, you may contact The Village Store  at 512-847-5400 about donating items there.  A portion of the proceeds from The Village Store does go to support Wimberley Valley Habitat for Humanity efforts. 

All contributions to WVHH are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support!